Through portrait photography we humanize statistics, promoting compassion and advocating responsible citizenship among members of the global community. 

Our Mission

The People’s Portfolio is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses portrait photography, by artist Platon, to document efforts around the globe dedicated to respecting and upholding human rights and human dignity. 

We share our portfolios - backed by filmed interviews and in-depth research - with a global audience to provide viewers with a powerful personal connection to matters of pressing concern. They highlight both individuals and the larger causes they represent, and are designed as tools to encourage the general public, and those who hold power, to take action.

Our Strategy

Collaborating with NGO partners and expert advocacy organizations, we select important social issues around which we believe awareness is urgently needed. 

The People's Portfolio creates compelling visual assets in the form of portraits and filmed interviews of individuals affected by human rights violations. We then share these portfolios with our non-profit partners to advance their own advocacy efforts. In addition, our ability to collaborate with high level media organizations provides human rights defenders with the stature, attention and protection they need to connect with supporters and influence policy-making. 

Our Partnerships

Partnership is an essential component of our strategy. To date, we've produced portfolios in collaboration with Human Rights Watch, The New Yorker, The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, TIME, Physicians for Human Rights, Panzi Hospital, Netflix, ExxonMobil and The UN Foundation.

The People’s Portfolio developed directly out of Platon’s humanitarian work and formally attained 501(c)(3) status in 2013.