Sexual Violence and Conflict Minerals in the Congo

In early 2016, Platon and The People's Portfolio completed a ten-day mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo to document the scourge of sexual violence against women and to tell the story of the need for accountability for such crimes.  For this project we partnered with Physicians for Human Rights as well as Panzi Hospital in the Congo. 

We successfully raised $220,000 ahead of the mission, but we need your help to secure an additional $300,000 for all post-production. These funds will go towards editing, audio interviews and the creation of visual testimonials, which will further help to disseminate our portfolio to the public and raise awareness.


"The People's Portfolio" Book

We hope to make an iconic five-chapter coffee-table book, entitled The People's Portfolio, that will showcase the global human rights movement and become the manifesto for our foundation. This will be the culmination of a decade's work capturing social and political upheaval around the globe, and will ensure the enduring legacy of civil society's greatest leaders across the world.

The book will be published in two versions: as a high-end quality, large-scale, coffee table book which will be used as a calling-card for our foundation, allowing those unfamiliar with The People's Portfolio to better understand our work and our mission; the second version will function as an affordable, accessible, smaller educational tool for students around the world. Both versions will be sold in museums and distributed to libraries. We anticipate that The People's Portfolio book will help to increase awareness, understanding and personal connection to the important issues explored within.  Please help us reach our goal of $500,000 which will include future exhibitions. 

RAISED: $250,000


New Mural at the Center for Civil and Human Rights

To coincide with their opening in 2014, the Center for Civil and Human Rights commissioned  Platon to create a 36-foot mural depicting life-sized portraits of human rights defenders. As the Center continues to evolve and shine new light on stories and leaders that are relevant today, they have commissioned Platon to create an updated mural to reflect our changing times. We are currently considering material from our Congo mission for this project.

We ask for your help to raise $30,000 to complete this new mural. 


"The Promise" Book

In 2010 Platon was commissioned by The New Yorker to photograph leaders of the civil-rights movement. These images were published as part of a multimedia portfolio entitled "The Promise." In partnership with the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta and the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, we hope to expand this project in order to create a comprehensive survey of the civil rights movement in the United States. Our final aim is to publish this completed portfolio as a coffee-table book and exhibition which will serve to educate the public. 

Please help us raise $200,000 to see this collaborative project come to fruition.


Underserved Youth and Upward Mobility

Platon and The People's Portfolio hope to embark on a multi-city mission across The United States to capture stories of the struggle for upward mobility in America through the eyes of its underserved youth. Even as the US has advanced, many children, especially in rural areas, have fallen behind in education, health, and basic opportunities. We hope our images will inspire American policy-makers to tackle poverty, discrimination, and abuse.

We need your help to raise $500,000 in order to complete this mission.


Leadership Films

We hope to create a digital platform of open testimonial interviews from leaders across various disciplines. These interviews will feature a cross-section of intimate human experiences which will serve as educational tools empowering students, emerging leaders and those in current positions of power and influence to be more compassionate and socially conscious. 

RAISED: $150,000


The Inside/Outside Project

Through a 15-year documentary film and multimedia project, we plan to follow the lives of two ten-year-old girls from five countries around the world as they journey through teenage years and become young adults: one will live above the poverty line with access to every opportunity; the other will come from a community excluded from the potential benefits of economic and social development. By 2030, when the United Nations' new agenda for sustainable, equitable and inclusive development is to be realized, these girls who were 10-years-old in 2015 or early 2016 will be 25-years-old. Will they have shared in the economic and social gains of the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promises? Or will they have been excluded, left behind? This intimate human portrait will give an unparalleled insight into the challenges these girls face and will show whether the obstacles confronting them on their path to adulthood are removed or remain steadfastly in place. How the world supports and invests in a 10-year-old girl today will determine what the world will look like in 2030. 

Our partners for this project include the UNFPA and Scott Dadich, co-CEO of Godfrey Dadich Partners and former editor-in-chief of WIRED magazine. Further support provided by the World Economic Forum and the African Development Bank.