Board of Directors

PLATON, Founder - “I have been part of the process that makes heroes out of celebrities for a long time and I have found that something is fundamentally shifting in the values of our society. It is time to celebrate a new set of cultural heroes: those that inspire us with their courage, move us with their integrity and their compassion for fellow men and women. If these are the principles that we wish to instill within our society, then we must shine a light on the leaders that best exemplify this core value system.” 

Director of Global Initiatives, Human Rights Watch - “With instantly iconic images, Platon and The People's Portfolio are changing the way non-profits communicate—and holding the world's attention for even the toughest stories.” 

Executive Director, Artadia - "The People's Portfolio contains a collection of beautiful and honest images representing the breath of the human experience. Individuals who have suffered the worst human rights abuses are elevated to proud representations of hope, and devastating humanitarian crises are brought to the forefront of important conversations. With vital partnerships and a goal to circulate images throughout the world, The People's Portfolio encourages positivity in the face of violence and adversity." 

Business Manager, Clique Strategic Management - “Platon's photographs depict human rights abuses from all over the world. It is amazing how one image can show such despair and another image of the same person can show hope and courage. Platon's ability to expose and tell the story of these atrocities and at the same time the inner strength of mankind is the mission of The People's Portfolio.”                                        

Artist Agent and Manager - “We are a visual foundation. The People's Portfolio helps the world to see our collective issues by exposing us to positive and powerful images.” 

Director of Global Health, George W. Bush Institute. Previously, she was Senior Director for government relations at The ONE Campaign, an advocacy organization, founded by Bono, of more than 8 million people around the world that works to end extreme poverty, with particular focus in Africa. Additionally, she served as a senior director at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and as Deputy Chief of Staff to Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Co-CEO, Godfrey Dadich Partners - “I have worked closely with Platon for the past 15 years on literally dozens of projects. Together, we have immortalized heads of state, whistleblowers, and culture's most revered figures. It is clear that he is one of our greatest living photographers. But Platon's real power comes from his ability to value the most human experiences, to give voice and hope to those who need it the most.”  

Chief Revenue Officer, Washington Speakers Bureau.

Trustee, The McGovern Foundation            

President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy 

Legal Adviser to Nonprofit Organizations - “We believe that art has great power to create understanding and empathy, and we seek to use that power as a weapon in the fight against unfairness and suffering.”


Council of Leaders

The Council of Leaders is a dynamic group of students and young professionals dedicated to volunteering their time, skills and energy to raise critical funds for The People's Portfolio. Members have the unique opportunity to serve as advocates for The People's Portfolio and its mission of giving a voice to the voiceless. 

ANNA SINGH is a Strategy Presidential Management Associate at The Estee Lauder Companies on the Becca brand. Anna received her MBA in Strategy & Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business and her BA in Art History from Washington University in St. Louis. She is a native New Yorker, avid reader and amateur equestrian.

EDUARDO GOMEZ was born and raised in the South Bronx by a strong single mother. He has been a passionate advocate for upward mobility in his native borough, motivating neighborhood children to apply themselves and look beyond their current circumstances. He currently studies economics at Syracuse University, where he recently spoke out in response to racial discrimination on his own campus.

JUAN SEBASTIAN MERCADO is a native of Bogotá, Colombia. He currently serves as the campaign advisor for Juan Carlos Pinzón, Ambassador of Colombia to the United States and former Minister of Defense. Prior to this role, Juan worked as the Assistant to Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. He is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, MA where he studied political science and international business.

MARCOS DE FORTUNY was born and raised in the province of Malaga, Spain, and has been actively involved in learning both primary and post production methods in both Spain and New York City since a young age. Currently he works for Hogarth Worldwide on Bose and Volvo production and content. He is a graduate of Northeastern University where he majored in marketing and management. 

MAYA CODE-WILLIAMS graduated from Brown University in 2016 with a double concentration in Art History and Economics. She moved to New York after graduation and currently works for the Friedrich Petzel Gallery. Her interest in The People’s Portfolio stems from a desire to understand more about the intersection between visual culture and activism.