"The People's Portfolio" Book

We have begun production on an iconic five-chapter coffee-table book, entitled The People's Portfolio, that will showcase the global human rights movement and become the manifesto for our foundation. This will be the culmination of a decade's work capturing social and political upheaval around the globe, and will ensure the enduring legacy of civil society's greatest leaders across the world.

The book will be published in two versions: as a high-end quality, large-scale, coffee table book which will be used as a calling-card for our foundation, allowing those unfamiliar with The People's Portfolio to better understand our work and our mission; the second version will function as an affordable, accessible, smaller educational tool for students around the world. Both versions will be sold in museums and distributed to libraries. We anticipate that The People's Portfolio book will help to increase awareness, understanding and personal connection to the important issues explored within. 


Poverty in America

Platon and The People's Portfolio will begin a large-scale survey of poverty in America. We will focus on individual human stories, in both cities and rural areas, that will center the lives and experiences of affected people, and drive change within the national discourse. Our end goal is two-fold: to assist local NGO communities to fundraise by using our assets; and to engage American policy-makers with bold and compelling images and interviews.

We will begin this project in Philadelphia, focusing on the wealth disparity and health equity gaps among local, immigrant, and resettled refugee populations. Principal photography for our documentary film begins in Spring 2019. 


Leadership Portfolio and Movement Women

We are building a digital platform of open testimonial interviews from leaders across various disciplines. These interviews will feature a cross-section of intimate human experiences to serve as educational tools empowering students, emerging leaders, and those in current positions of power and influence to be more compassionate and socially conscious. Our goal is to include up to 100 global leaders on this platform. In 2019, we will launch this series with interviews from Naomi Wadler, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, and other inspiring figures.